Andro Book Maker – Book Creator App for Android

EBooks and how they are created

We live in an age of Android or rather that of smart phones and tablets. These devices have impacted our lifestyle and habitual practices to a great extent in innumerable ways. Basic differences or transformations that these have made, lie in the habits of reading, writing and learning. Most of us have almost forgotten the habit of buying and reading books offline, due to the emergence and evolution of e-books. These e-books are much feasible to read, take notes, use as instant references and sometimes to even edit content and reuse the same. Also, such books are always available to you when you have them in your smart phone or tablet. With such an extensive usage of e-books, digitally, there are advancements being made in developing applications for any user who wants to create e-books. Andro Bok Maker is one such application that runs on your smart phone or tablet, if it is on an android platform, as the name suggests.

About Andro Book Maker

It is an android app developed by the tech savvies of Meta Concepts Pvt. Ltd. located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The aim of launching this product is to help anybody, be it a technical or non-technical person, who wants to publish their book(s) in an e-book format on the web. It is an immensely effective and functional application that allows users to convert their offline books or books that are already a word document format into a functional android book and such a book need not necessarily be run on an android platform but on any PC or iPhone or iPad which has an eBook reader software such as the FireFoxePub reader, Adobe Digital Platforms and so on.

How to use Andro Book Maker?

It is so simple to use the app that even a person who is not fair enough in using computers and other gadgets, could be better off with the Andro Book Maker app.This functional android book application takes any form of text as input through word documents or typed text. Once the layout, font sizes, colour and other such formatting options are chosen as the author or the user wants, the text can thus be converted into an eBook format through the inbuilt option provided in the app.

The then created eBook can be read using the applications mentioned above, shared via e-mail and edited using the same andro eBook maker app.

Other creative applications using andro eBook maker

There are a few exciting and creative applications one can find in this android application. One can create an album to record a child’s growth in every stage as separate volumes or phases with memorable pictures of the child related to each stage. Users can also create wedding invitations with attractive multimedia contents which is one of the new trends in planning for weddings. Also, one can use his app to write a personal dairy and record the daily works or incidents that took place. The app can also be used to create photo albums and it provides many creative tools to decorate those albums. So, there is one more idea to gift your dear ones!

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Turn your e-books, manuals or brochures into functional android book apps in a most original, personalized and creative way using Andro Bookmaker app. Download the latest version of android bookmaker app for free now!