Find Out Kitten Care Tips on Showing Cat Affection

How Do Kittens Show Affection?

Each kitten will show their affection in their own way. Currently I have four males and each will show their affection differently. I have taught them to do everything, but like all kittens they are truly independent thinkers who are very, very picky and will choose to do what they want, when they want, and how they want, and most often not what I want them to do.

For example, Glorio who has six fingers on each paw is very loving, affectionate and can be a little bit aggressive when he wants to be held or he wants to give me love n hugs. He shows his love n hugs with warm nose rubs while I hold him. He likes to give Eskimo kisses nose to nose, he’ll even give me a little kiss on the lips, or he’ll grab my hand and lick it, so I can rub his ears and show my affection. He won’t do this with anyone else, although, over time he has developed a trust with me and my family. This trust has allowed me to teach him new often different acts of affection like giving me a hug around my neck with his paws.

Tiger will actually give me a hug, he’ll grip my shoulders and hug me putting his head down as he snuggles to shows his love. When Tiger is showing affection with my daughter, he actually gives her real hugs n kisses. Tiger like all cats or kittens are used to doing what they wants, when they want, with who they want, so don’t get mad, just go with the flow, because that’s the best way to show you care.

I never try to control my kitten always giving them the space and the opportunity to show me what a good kitten they are, no matter what, I give them time to learn their surroundings my family members and know they are in a safe and loving environment, and their affection always follows. I never punish them for being the way they are. I never turn my back or become angry with my kitten when he doesn’t want to give me hugs n kisses. I just go with the flow, because sometimes cats tend to take issue with these types of actions and will treat me differently, like I’m trying to change their ways or their personality. Just like a child who is set in their ways, you shouldn’t punish them for their personality.

So … I never try and control them, or punish them. I always want them to develop their loving credibility and I always understand their individual personality when it comes to them given hugs n kisses, and their love n affection.

So … if you have a cat who might give your friend a hug or a kiss, or might give a friend a nose hug (aka Eskimo kiss), then that’s great. I always keep encouraging him because he’ll show me and friends more and more affection and that’s what all cat lovers want. Therefore, if you want your cat to show affection and you want him to feel loved, so he will not get depressed and become sick, then you need to show your cat love, if you don’t love them, they will do everything in their power to irritate you. Therefore, it’s always best to show your cat lots, and lots of LOVE.