How To Give A Glamour Treatment To Hair

To add true glamor to a woman’s hair it is often necessary to convince her that a color change is in order. Once this is done, you will be able to proceed with one of the following treatments for your patron’s hair.

Many women must be introduced gradually to haircoloring because they are often timid about making a sudden change in their appearance. For these women, the color may be used effectively as a glamor treatment. In three to five minutes, the glamor treatment will add clear, glowing highlights to the patron’s natural shade.

With the glamor treatment the change in shade is slight and yet beautiful. The difference is so subtle that if the customer decides not to continue coloring her hair, there is no long growing out process.

Though any of the Miss Clairol colors may be used in the glamor treatment, the light colors are preferable. These colors are Topaz, Golden Apricot, Sun Bronze, and Moongold. Either Miss Clairol regular or creme formula may be used for the glamor treatment.

How to apply the color as a glamor treatment preliminary.

Be sure to make a preliminary patch and the preliminary strand test before giving a glamor treatment.

Do not shampoo hair before application. Apply tint to dry hair.

Preparation Of the glamor treatment

For A Slight Change

The color when used as a glamor treatment may be prepared in two ways. If your patron wants only a slight change in shade, the color should be mixed with developer and shampoo in a plastic applicator or a glass or plastic bowl. Combine: 2 oz. color with 2 oz. Clairoxide (or Pure White Creme Developer) plus 2 oz. shampoo for tinted hair.

For A Decided Change

However, if your customer wants to make a decided change in her haircoloring and blend in gray hairs as much as possible, no shampoo should be added and the formula is the same as for hair color bath. Combine: 2 oz. the color with 2 oz. developer.

Application To Virgin Hair

1. Apply the mixture quickly and evenly to hair with plastic applicator, swab, or brush. Gently work into lather, distributing the mixture evenly throughout the entire head. Do not rub into scalp.

2. Allow developing from 3 to 5 minutes.

3. Test a strand for color.

4. Rinse with clear, warm water and shampoo with Clairol shampoo for tinted Hair after the desired results have been obtained.

Glamor Treatment Retouch

1. Apply mixture liberally and quickly to roots only with plastic applicator, brush or swab.

2. Allow to develop from 3 to 5 minutes.

3. Test a strand for color.

As A Glamour Treatment

1. Combine 1 part hair color bath, 1 part Clairoxide and 1 part shampoo for tinted hair in plastic applicator or glass or plastic dish.

2. Apply mixture liberally to the hair with applicator, swab or brush. Gently work into lather. Distribute evenly. Do not rub into scalp.

3. Allow developing from 3 to 5 minutes. Make a strand color test. When desired results have been reached, rinse thoroughly with clear, warm water.

4. Shampoo with shampoo for tinted hair. The slight color change effected serves as a beautifully convincing “introduction” to permanent hair coloring.

5. Dilute balance of mixture with an equal amount of Shampoo for Tinted Hair, after roots have taken. Work mixture through to ends of hair.

6. Rinse with clear, warm water and shampoo.


The degree of lightening depends upon the length of time the glamor treatment is allowed to develop. The longer the mixture remains on the hair, the lighter the final results will be.

Your patron will undoubtedly be impressed with the great new look you have given her with any of the above treatments.