Make Money Online From Your Interests by Writing an EBook

Everyone has some sort of knowledge about something that no one else could deny and they could potentially write a full eBook about it. If you have the knowledge and you want to share it you could benefit financially from writing an eBook about it and sharing it with the world!

If you want to make some money on the side and you have some time to put into an eBook then this can be a great way to earn some extra money while getting to share what you know and believe in.

You may have a hobby that you can write about in great detail or you may do things in your life that other people would be interested in. Examples may be knitting sweaters to making homemade dog food. If you know more than most people do and you think that others would be interested in knowing as well then an eBook may be quite successful for you.

Before you begin to write your book though you should do some online research to make sure that the topic you are wanting to write about is something that people are actively looking for online. You can do this by utilizing a keyword tool like wordtracker or google keywords which allows you to see what keywords are being searched for and by how many people. There are many variations of ‘how to make homemade dog food’ that may be out there as well like ‘feeding better dog food’ or ‘how to feed a homemade diet to dogs’.

If there is not enough demand for what you want to write about it may be a waste of your time to spend the time writing the book and getting it out there.

You also have to look at the competition out there and how saturated the market is. If there are hundreds of eBooks about making homemade dog food then you may not be as successful as you could be because customers have so many options to choose from.

Your eBook should be at least 80 -100 pages long in PDF format to make it a worthwhile read. Anything shorter may leave people who buy your eBook feel short-changed when the see it and may demand a refund before they even start reading.

Once you finish your book you may want to hire an online assistant to help you format it properly and make a nice cover and table of contents. They should be able to help you with everything you need to know about getting it ready to get online and sell.

Once you get the book ready for online you will want to make a sales page for the book explaining what people can expect to get out of the eBook and what they will take away from it. The better the sales page looks, the better your chances of selling the book. I’ve seen some sales pages that look childish and quickly put together and this can turn people off very quickly.

You will also want to get some sort of marketing out there and your best bet is to get affiliate marketers working for you. While other forms of marketing like social sites, pay per click, and articles will be helpful – there will be nothing like a team of affiliate marketers trying to earn a commission from you that will get your information out there faster.

Make sure you offer a good commission considering they are doing a lot of work for you and are helping to get your book out there and read.

Then start selling and watch your knowledge make you some money online!